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Personalized Computer Lessons and Setup on Today’s Technology

Your Computer Tutor helps entrepreneurs, transitioning executives, job seekers, senior citizens, and others to understand and use technology in their personal and professional lives.

Serving the West Palm Beach, FL metropolitan area with onsite visits, and serving you anywhere via remote assistance.

Your Computer Tutor comes to your home or office

@Your Pace, @Your Place

Your Computer Tutor comes to your home or office whenever mutually agreeable. We can often meet at a clubhouse, coffee shop, co-working space or public library instead.

When meeting in-person isn’t possible or necessary, remote assistance via screen-sharing or videoconference is often an option.

No classes to sit through. Your time is valuable. Computer lessons are personalized to each client’s needs and unique learning style. You have found your personal technology coach!

Why Hire Your Computer Tutor?

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Smartphones (iPhone, Android)
Tablet Computers
Smart Home / Internet of Things (IoT)
Printers / Scanners
Cloud File Storage
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Meet Your Computer Tutor

Denise Rivas formed Your Computer Tutor in 2008, following her passion for Better Living Through Technology.
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Client Reviews

Helped Me Understand My Smartphone
"I hired Denise to help me understand my Smartphone and how to best utilize it as a business tool. She …
Never Makes Me Feel Dumb
"You have excellent listening and teaching skills and you never make me feel dumb. You are great at what you …
Helpful Cheat Sheets
"Your coaching session and cheat sheets have helped! I can actually do what I am trying to do with the …
Up and Running Quickly
"Like many real estate agents, I was overwhelmed by all the tools and technology. Denise came to my office and …
Denise has been an outstanding computer tutor to me and my daughter for years. She is amazing."–Joan Hollingsworth, Genealogist

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