Hire Your Computer Tutor

Why Hire YCT?

@Your Pace: Unlike traditional technology training classes which can be costly and require you to sit through hours or days of material you might not even need, our style of computer coaching respects your time and your budget by zeroing in on just the topics you need to accomplish your goals. People absorb information at their own pace, and they do their best when they have the opportunity to practice new technology skills between coaching sessions. We therefore recommend that coaching sessions be delivered in blocks of no more than 2 hours at a time.

@Your Place: Whenever mutually agreeable, we work at your place (home or business), on your devices, so that what you learn is most relevant to how you will actually use your technology. We can also meet at a co-working or other public space. When distance or timing prevent us from meeting in person, we can often hold a technology coaching or support session via remote assistance.

Personalized Service: We are very reachable by phone, email, and text message, and are happy to be our clients’ go-to resource for technology questions.

Dealing with Technical Support: Sometimes reading the directions isn’t enough. If you’d rather not risk frustration with a phone call to tech support, we will gladly speak to the geeks on your behalf.

Repairs: If your computer needs a repair or upgrade, we can refer you to a qualified technician in your area.