Transitioning Executives

Your Computer Tutor Works with Transitioning and Retiring Executives

Executives have unique needs when it comes to technology. While they are still working, their computers and smartphones may have been set up and maintained by an IT department, and their calendar, contacts, and email facilitated by an administrative assistant.

When an executive decides to retire or separate from their company, they often find themselves on their own for the first time when it comes to their technology. This can be especially true if the executive has been with a company for many years. All of a sudden their laptop and smartphone have to be returned to the company, and they have to select and purchase new ones for personal use. Their valuable asset – their database of professional connections –is often stored on the company’s servers.

Your Computer Tutor can make an executive’s transition less stressful. Whether the next step is independent consulting, corporate directorship, volunteer service, retirement, or a new company, we help executives:

  • Select the right new computer or smartphone for their needs
  • Set up (or use existing) personal email account
  • Preserve their calendars and contacts / address books where possible and add them to personal devices.
  • Master technical skills that are needed for the next chapter in their lives