A PC-Native Takes the Mac Plunge

They say, “Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.”  Your Computer Tutor is on a mission to see how true this is, at least for me.  We’re Going Mac!

My clients are a mix of PC and Mac users, and I’ve always been able to provide training and setup on both platforms. Back in my own office, though, I’ve always been a PC native.  I have an iPhone and iPad, and there are Android devices in our household as well.  But I’ve always wondered what cool features I might be missing by not having the Mac to go with the other Apple devices.

I pulled the trigger last weekend and ordered my new baby directly from Apple’s website.  I watched as she left her birthplace in China, traveling through Hong Kong and Anchorage, Alaska, before landing in Denver.  I signed for the UPS package and gleefully danced inside with my package.

Bundle of joy

Greeting my new toy — ahem, I mean “tool”This was just two days ago, and I have since been immersed in getting her set up, configured, and personalized to my liking.  It is an ongoing process, through which I am developing additional patience and empathy for what my clients go through.  It will make me a better computer tutor.  Suffering is one of life’s great teachers, or something like that!

As I form my opinions about the good, bad, and just different aspects of going Mac, I’ll share my thoughts in future posts.

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