Better Living Through Technology – A Field Report

So many tech tools to investigate, so little time!

Thank you to my clients, friends, and family for a successful 2016 as Your Computer Tutor. Already well into 2017, I continue to enjoy serving as your technology coach and cheerleader for better living through technology.

After spring of last year, my blogging took a back seat as I focused on my growing client base. As the year closed and I reflected, I realized that adding new tech toys and tools to my own world was a major source of professional growth as well as just plain fun. Yes, I am that weird friend who actually enjoys what you might consider agonizing – choosing, setting up, and learning how to use new gizmos and software.

When we last tuned in, I had recently purchased and was adopting a new Macbook Pro into my office. I’ve since upgraded my iPhone to the 7-Plus (which includes a screen size more befitting my new age and visual abilities).  Several clients changed their technology strategies while major consumer technology players (Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.) were rolling out new features and operating systems seemingly every month. Among the most rewarding of my recent experiences has been helping a retiring professional implement technology services and migrate the data she would need to run her new business. Selecting and setting up a new iPad for another client with limited physical abilities, enhancing her ability to communicate and enjoy music and games, reinforced my passion for using technology to improve lives.

During the holidays, I asked Santa for IoT (Internet of Things) toys, like a video doorbell, Bluetooth speaker, and Echo / Dot from Amazon, and it turns out that I must have been a very good geek last year.

Our family is my test lab for better living through technology. We’ve started sneaking reading back into our routine by having Alexa (the robot that runs the Echo and Dot speakers) read news and books from aloud while we complete everyday tasks. We’re getting a little more efficient about shopping now that any of us can add bread to the list with a simple voice command. (Well, not bread, because that would be a carb, wouldn’t it?) As my trusty laptop with Windows 10 began to die, I found a smokin’ online deal on a new one that met my needs and more. We can now see and speak with who’s at the door from anywhere in the world. The Apple Watch is the latest addition, and it is doing a great job reminding me to get up and move. It has its work cut out for it, especially since my next IoT purchase is likely to be light bulbs that I can control from the comfort of my couch.

Through my clients’ and my own adoption of new technology tools, I continue learning about what integrates well with what, and what software does not play well with others. Most importantly, I have increased empathy for the pain associated with change, and continue recommending technology choices that reduce that pain for others wherever possible.

Now, that dang watch is reminding me that it is time to stand up and stretch….

2 thoughts on “Better Living Through Technology – A Field Report

  1. Jo Guerra

    You are certainly a geek, Denise. And of course, take that positively. So interesting just how technology has affected our lives. Wonder what it will be like in five or even ten years.

  2. Joan L Hollingsworth

    Denise, Just reviewed ALL your categories. Your one on technology is so informative. It is exciting to be in touch with someone who is so into technology, and it is great to be able to go to you for advice.

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